BMI Artist Series: Brenda Mullen & Theo Aronson

Musicians can be a nomadic bunch. Being on tour and attending showcases while holding down a day job at home makes for a busy schedule. This can make it difficult to find time to record which is frustrating because inspiration can strike at any moment.

Brenda is based in Toronto but regularly makes trips to New York to meet with labels, publishers, and other songwriters. She is constantly traveling between the two cities to make her career work. Luckily she was able to connect with Theo through Mixbridge. The two were able to talk about Brenda’s vision for the song, exchange production notes, and build the entire song on their own time. This made it easy for each of them to be creative when the timing was right.

This is a great example of full music production through Mixbridge. Theo was able to take Brenda’s vision and her notes to completely build out the track from the raw vocals. Most of the programming and instrumentation you hear on this track happened in Theo’s studio.

The final mix of “Over & Out” is one of the catchiest tracks we’ve heard in a long time. Check it out!

BMI Artist Series: AJ Sherman & Andy Baldwin

A lot of musicians are experienced enough to record the basics of their music. Guitar, vocals, bass, and sometimes even drums can be recorded without too much hassle if you’ve got the right gear and know how to use it. This is especially the case if you have some friends that own a recording studio or know someone with a fully equipped studio. The mix however, is a different story and this brings us to the collaboration between AJ Sherman and Andy Baldwin.

A great mix engineer and, more to the point, the right mix engineer is often the difference between a good song and a great song. The mix engineer comes in with unbiased ears: he hasn’t heard you record twenty vocal takes of the same line and he hasn’t been involved in the writing process. He can listen to your music in its most basic form with a fresh perspective and fine tune every little piece to take it to places you’ve never imagined.

AJ connected with Andy through Mixbridge to work on a song he recorded in a studio with some friends in Detroit. AJ is a pretty connected guy in the Detroit music scene but he’s always looking for fresh ears to collaborate on his recordings. With “Survive” he found a kindred spirit in Andy Baldwin whose been getting a lot of attention recently from his work with Haerts and St. Lucia (as well as his work with Bjork & Morcheeba).

Check out the video and final mix!

BMI Artist Series: Jax & Igloo

We’d never heard of Jax before our friends at BMI mentioned her name with wide eyes and a smile. It was like they had the inside line on who the next big songwriter was going to be and had just invited us into the club. When we heard her demo we understood the excitement immediately and set to work finding the perfect producer.

How about Igloo? He’s just a Grammy award winning producer from LA who has worked with Justin Beiber, Ludacris, Quincy Jones, and Elton John? Yeah, that’ll do.

Even though Jax is a ProTools certified wunderkind she still hits that same wall that we all face as songwriters: when you know the song needs more but can’t quite figure out what that is. Luckily she’s been around long enough to know that collaborating with a producer is the best way to take things to the next level.

“It takes a real artist to produce something” she said.

We were so glad that Igloo was just as excited about Jax as we were. Even though he’s got a list of credits that keep him super busy he’s always on the lookout for up-and-coming songwriters to work with.

“Mixbridge is going to bridge the gap between people who are quality artists who deserve a shot with producers that are looking for artists.”

The resulting song “Always You”

BMI Artist Series: Arielle O'Keefe & Jon Visger

Intro music by: “Embers and Ashes” by Anenon (

The collaboration between Arielle O’Keefe and Jonathan Visger highlights one of the things we are most excited about supporting here at Mixbridge: bringing songwriters and producers together from different corners of the music industry to create something unexpected and incredible.

Arielle lives in NYC and her music tends toward the pop / soul / jazz end of the spectrum. Her voice has the kind of jaw-dropping quality that made our camera crew stop in their tracks and take notice. Not an easy feat with a New York-based crew.

Jon on the other hand hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan and embodies the kind of musical genius that creates its own genres. We first met Jon when he was producing and touring with Mason Proper and have stayed in touch as he produced Absofacto, Hollow & Akimbo, and played in Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

As you watch the interviews and listen to the final mix of “Swim To You” you can hear how these two artists brought their unique approaches to the song with stunning results. Arielle’s lyrics and vocals are spot on and Jon’s production brings out that vintage soul quality while simultaneously pushing it to a modern electronic vibe with unique synth layers and guitar.

Welcome To Mixbridge

Creating a professional quality recording is more than just having the gear, you’ve gotta know how to use it.

You’ve decided to record your music. You open up Garageband, Ableton, ProTools, or some other program, plug in a mic or two and hit record. Maybe you nail the first take, maybe you spend an hour or so getting it right.

When you first listen to your recording it sounds a little dry but that’s cool. You throw some reverb on there, a slap delay, and add some backing vocals.

Still not there? How about messing with the EQ? What about compression. You could flip the “dither” switch (whatever the heck that is) and see if it helps. After a few hours, you’ve layered and layered and layered but the sound coming out of your speakers doesn’t live up to your expectations. WTF?

This is common experience among all songwriters. Creating a professional quality recording is more than just having the gear, you gotta know how to use it. Learning to use recording software and gear can take months or years.

So unless you have the time and interest to go down this road you need to find and hire a producer and/or engineer.

Welcome to Mixbridge. We’re here to help you realize your creative vision by connecting you to some of the best music producers and engineers in the business. These are the same folks who have worked on some of your favorite songs and records and they’re always looking for new songwriters to work with. Lucky you.

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