BMI Artist Series: Arielle O'Keefe & Jon Visger

Intro music by: “Embers and Ashes” by Anenon (

The collaboration between Arielle O’Keefe and Jonathan Visger highlights one of the things we are most excited about supporting here at Mixbridge: bringing songwriters and producers together from different corners of the music industry to create something unexpected and incredible.

Arielle lives in NYC and her music tends toward the pop / soul / jazz end of the spectrum. Her voice has the kind of jaw-dropping quality that made our camera crew stop in their tracks and take notice. Not an easy feat with a New York-based crew.

Jon on the other hand hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan and embodies the kind of musical genius that creates its own genres. We first met Jon when he was producing and touring with Mason Proper and have stayed in touch as he produced Absofacto, Hollow & Akimbo, and played in Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

As you watch the interviews and listen to the final mix of “Swim To You” you can hear how these two artists brought their unique approaches to the song with stunning results. Arielle’s lyrics and vocals are spot on and Jon’s production brings out that vintage soul quality while simultaneously pushing it to a modern electronic vibe with unique synth layers and guitar.