BMI Artist Series: AJ Sherman & Andy Baldwin

A lot of musicians are experienced enough to record the basics of their music. Guitar, vocals, bass, and sometimes even drums can be recorded without too much hassle if you’ve got the right gear and know how to use it. This is especially the case if you have some friends that own a recording studio or know someone with a fully equipped studio. The mix however, is a different story and this brings us to the collaboration between AJ Sherman and Andy Baldwin.

A great mix engineer and, more to the point, the right mix engineer is often the difference between a good song and a great song. The mix engineer comes in with unbiased ears: he hasn’t heard you record twenty vocal takes of the same line and he hasn’t been involved in the writing process. He can listen to your music in its most basic form with a fresh perspective and fine tune every little piece to take it to places you’ve never imagined.

AJ connected with Andy through Mixbridge to work on a song he recorded in a studio with some friends in Detroit. AJ is a pretty connected guy in the Detroit music scene but he’s always looking for fresh ears to collaborate on his recordings. With “Survive” he found a kindred spirit in Andy Baldwin whose been getting a lot of attention recently from his work with Haerts and St. Lucia (as well as his work with Bjork & Morcheeba).

Check out the video and final mix!