BMI Artist Series: Brenda Mullen & Theo Aronson

Musicians can be a nomadic bunch. Being on tour and attending showcases while holding down a day job at home makes for a busy schedule. This can make it difficult to find time to record which is frustrating because inspiration can strike at any moment.

Brenda is based in Toronto but regularly makes trips to New York to meet with labels, publishers, and other songwriters. She is constantly traveling between the two cities to make her career work. Luckily she was able to connect with Theo through Mixbridge. The two were able to talk about Brenda’s vision for the song, exchange production notes, and build the entire song on their own time. This made it easy for each of them to be creative when the timing was right.

This is a great example of full music production through Mixbridge. Theo was able to take Brenda’s vision and her notes to completely build out the track from the raw vocals. Most of the programming and instrumentation you hear on this track happened in Theo’s studio.

The final mix of “Over & Out” is one of the catchiest tracks we’ve heard in a long time. Check it out!